The Knights of Columbus Council 5357 is back at it, and ready to provide you a freshly smoked pork butt for your 4th of July Holiday party. The 4th of July is on a Monday this year, so there will be a full long weekend of parties and celebrations to host and attend, and what better way to feed your guests, or surprise a host, than a freshly smoked Smokin’ Joe’s butt!

We intend to smoke these butts on Saturday July 2nd, so from that evening on you can have access to the best smoked pork in town (Saturday after 5PM and Sunday after 12PM)!

And like before, we are also soliciting donations of pork butts for the Food Bank at Nativity so our friends that need assistance can also enjoy a fantastic 4th of July meal with their family and friends.

The butts will go for $6.75 per pound, with the typical butt priced from $48-$54, or roughly 7-8 pounds typical, and sizes bigger and smaller as well.

If you intend to get one of Smokin’s Joe’s Famous butts, or want to donate one to the Nativity Food Bank, please RSVP directly to before Monday June 27th.

We can smoke up to 60 butts for this event, so get your orders in, and pass this along to friends and family that are hosting their own parties.

All proceeds go to the General Charity Fund of the K of C Council 5357 to support our various charitable functions, and we can also accept any extra donations you can make to increase our ability to do charitable works.

As always thanks for patronizing the K of C Council 5357 Smokin’ Joe’s BBQ!

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