Another Special Olympics event was held at the Disney /ESPN complex this past weekend. This event was for the State of Florida Championships, whereby the winner of the events this weekend would be going to the National Championships, to be held in 2-weeks also at the Disney/ESPN complex.

If you have ever been to the Disney/ESPN complex, you know how large it is, and they had just about every area of the complex in use for the special athletes to show off their talents.

Our assignment was to deliver/hand out lunches for the special athletes and their families. We did not get to participate with them in the sporting events, but instead made sure they were well fed and hydrated.

We sent down 14 brothers/family and as usual with the Special Olympics events we all had a great but humbling time. We also made a friend Lee from Jacksonville! Hopefully some of you will want to join future events.

Br. John Rotolo

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