By becoming a Knight and giving just 24 hours a year, a man can be a better Catholic, father, and husband and make a difference in the Church and his community.


Some men don’t think they have time to join Knights. Ask them if they have just 24 hours. In just that short time frame, men can be a better Catholic, father and husband, and part of a great Catholic brotherhood. Here’s how the hours break down:

  • 8 HOURS a year working with your council on charitable projects for the local church or community.
  • 4 HOURS a year enjoying a council function with their entire family.
  • 4 HOURS a year attending council meetings to help plan future activities.
  • 6 HOURS a year (half an hour a month) reading the Knights’ magazine Columbia,, K of C social media and other publications.
  • 1 HOUR a year meeting with a Knights of Columbus insurance agent for a free analysis of insurance needs and learning about the exclusive, top-rated programs available only to members and their families.
  • 1 HOUR a year attending Mass together with your council.

That’s only 24 hours a year. It’s not a lot of time — but it is time well spent. It’s rewarding. It’s life changing.



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