Orlando Florida, March 27 2019 Over 500 men, woman and children, and representatives from many of Central Florida’s pro-life organizations gathered at the campus of Bishop Moore Catholic High School https://www.bishopmoore.org/ to infuse greater energy, resolve and money into the cause of protecting the unborn. To many of the event’s organizers the day could not have gone much better with picture perfect weather and temperatures in the 70’s and record number of walkers showing up also setting record amounts in pledges. For Brother James Tiglia (Council #5618, Altamonte Springs) the event’s director marveled before the day was over that “so many showed up that they even ran out of Laps For Life t-shirts that they hand out to many of the walkers”. Taglia was happy to report that Laps For Life 2019 was a great success while they exceeded $35K in pledges. The amount will also be matched by the Supreme Knight.

This money will be used to invest in sonogram machines that will allow pregnant mothers to see their babies in their wombs for the first time. Taglia feels Laps For Life seems to be a movement that is gathering momentum and is serving the Central Florida Region as a rallying point to do more for the cause of protecting human life.

The event took place on a modern sports field, at one of the more pristine campus High Schools in all of Florida https://www.bishopmoore.org/ Many pro Life organizations participated with information booths distributing information regarding their ministry’s area of focus. These are “salt of the earth” people who are trying to save many innocent lives by helping so many young mothers. All knights members can feel positive about the impact the Laps For Life is having not only in Central Florida but across the United States where the Knights of Columbus are responsible for there being already 1000 machines saving thousands of innocent little lives every year.

Andrea Krazise who runs this Pregnancy Testing Vehicle reports an average 85% success rate where mothers opt out of having an abortion after seeing the ultra-sound image of their baby. Andrea reports “The ultra sound simply allows mother to connect with their baby, see it for what it is, a human being and not just a collection of cells”.

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