A lot of people know about the awesome slow-smoked pulled pork we cook, but we’ve got a growing repertoire of delicious delicacies you may not have heard about.Chili Cook Off

OK, so most people would not consider chili to be “delicate”; it certainly is delicious.

Six brother Knights brought a pot full of the spicy stew to our January 8 social meeting. Some of them were proven champions, others family favorites, and still others experimental first generation attempts to win some votes. Our resident Master of Meat and Worthy Chancellor, Br. John Rotolo, organized the event, and was sure that all 50 men in attendance had plenty to eat by fixing jumbo dogs and sides, too.

Brother Knights were allowed to sample each chili and then vote for their favorite three. After all the results were in, the winners of the First Annual Council Chili Cook-Off are:

3.  Br. Don Grannan

2.  Br. John Coerper

1.  Br. John Rotolo

Great job, gentlemen, and congratulations!

The winners are automatically entered in next year’s competition.

This was a great event, and thanks to Br. JR for the idea and the execution.

Evenings like this are just one of the many reasons our members enjoy belonging to the Order of the Knights of Columbus. Fraternity, the third of three core principles of our Order, is the glue that binds the first two, Charity and Unity, into a tight bond.

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